Power Substation and Substation Maintenance


Control Buildings, Comm Centers and Power Control Centers – AZZ | Atkinson


Isolated Phase Bus, Non-Segregated Phase Bus, Cable Bus, Installation and Emergency ServicesAZZ | Calvert

Metal-Clad Switchgear, Arc-Resistant Switch Gear, Control Buildings and Relay Panels – AZZ | Central Electric


Compressed Gas Insulated Transmission Bus Systems – AZZ | CGIT


Protection and Control for Transformers, LTC Controls, DG Intertie, Feeder Relays – Beckwith Electric Co. Inc


Reactors, Line Traps, Line Tuners, Arc-Suppression Coils – BPEG

Power Capacitor Banks, Harmonic Filters, Harmonic Studies – Castle Power Solutions

cleaveland price logo

15kV – 345kV Air Break Switches, Multi-Speed/Customized Motor Operators, Pre-Adjusted/Pre-Assembled “Quick Install” Switches, Vacuum Interrupters – Cleaveland/Price Inc.

SF6  Testing, Diagnostic and Maintenance Equipment – Dilo

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Doble Engineering Company offers diagnostic instruments, services, and the world’s premier library of statistically significant apparatus test results for the benefit of energy generation and delivery companies and industrial power users worldwide. – Doble

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15.5kV – 38kV Viper Reclosers, Underground Distribution Switches, Overhead Distribution Switches, Distribution Cable Accessories, Current Limiters G&W Electric


Medium and Large Power Transformers (20 MVA+), Auto Transformers and GSUs – JSHP

Substation Equipment Testing and Maintenance, Protection and Control Relay Testing, Commissioning, Repair – North American Substation Services

Battery Chargers, NiCad Batteries and DC Power Systems – SENS


Composite Structures up to 125 Ft (H6), Non-Conductive Sound Wall for Substations & Switchyards – Shakespeare Composite Structures/AcoustaWall


On-Line Transformer Oil Processing and Moisture Removal, Oil Regeneration Systems for Transformers and LTC’s – Trojan Dry Out Systems



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