Power Substation and Substation Maintenance


Control Buildings, Comm Centers and Power Control Centers – AZZ | Atkinson


Isolated Phase Bus, Non-Segregated Phase Bus, Cable Bus, Installation and Emergency ServicesAZZ | Calvert

Metal-Clad Switchgear, Arc-Resistant Switch Gear, Control Buildings and Relay Panels – AZZ | Central Electric


Compressed Gas Insulated Transmission Bus Systems – AZZ | CGIT


Lead-Acid Batteries, Racks and Spill Containment – BAE


Protection and Control for Transformers, LTC Controls, DG Intertie, Feeder Relays – Beckwith Electric Co. Inc


Reactors, Line Traps, Line Tuners, Arc-Suppression Coils – BPEG

Power Capacitor Banks, Harmonic Filters, Harmonic Studies – Castle Power Solutions

cleaveland price logo

15kV – 345kV Air Break Switches, Multi-Speed/Customized Motor Operators, Pre-Adjusted/Pre-Assembled “Quick Install” Switches, Vacuum Interrupters – Cleaveland/Price Inc.

SF6  Testing, Diagnostic and Maintenance Equipment – Dilo

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15.5kV – 38kV Viper Reclosers, Underground Distribution Switches, Overhead Distribution Switches, Distribution Cable Accessories, Current Limiters G&W Electric


Medium and Large Power Transformers (20 MVA+), Auto Transformers and GSUs – JSHP

Substation Equipment Testing and Maintenance, Protection and Control Relay Testing, Commissioning, Repair – North American Substation Services

Battery Chargers, NiCad Batteries and DC Power Systems – SENS


Composite Structures up to 125 Ft (H6), Non-Conductive Sound Wall for Substations & Switchyards – Shakespeare Composite Structures/AcoustaWall


On-Line Transformer Oil Processing and Moisture Removal, Oil Regeneration Systems for Transformers and LTC’s – Trojan Dry Out Systems

Fluids Testing Analysis, Diagnostic Programs, Engineering Services, InsuLogix® On-line Monitoring Devices for Hydrogen and Moisture – Weidmann Diagnostic Solutions

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